The dream of having my own coffee shop had been there for a long time and realizing it took years of planning and hard work, This cafe is run by a young entrepreneur whose everyday life is filled with positivity, willingness to work hard and serve people, and most of all wonderful nutritious food and healthy treats. Taking care of yourself and others around you is what I live for and that passion fuels my joy to run this cute little café.

In Kembuz we want to stay truly imaginative when it comes to creating food from truly nutritious ingredients and our little kitchen manages to do just that in between the laughters. We want to think that versatile, healthy food (as well as giggling) can make miracles happen in your body! 

It has been a long and a bit of a bumpy road to finding what kind of nutrition really fuels my body and keeps me in balance. It is just amazing to see that people are more and more interested in their health and want to reward their bodies by taking care of them. That's the least, and yet the most important, thing we can do for our bodies that help us face everyday challenges.

It's very important to us to take all different dietary restrictions into consideration. What is good for one isn’t necessarily always good for another. Please let us know what yours are, because we want to try and create foods that make everyone feel nourished and full of energy for the day!

We make everything in the café using as much local and organic ingredients as possible. Please let us know if you have any wishes or complaints so that our café could be your café.

Fall in love with taking care of yourself at Kembuz Café ♥